free eye surgeries performed and counting..


“Thank You, My name is Sibin S K. I live in Atholi, near Calicat, in Kerala. I used to have problems with my vision and I underwent Corneal transplantations in both my eyes at Sankara Eye Society in Coimbatore.”
Sibin S K.
Atholi, Calicat, Kerala
About Us

Sankara Eye Foundation Europe SEFEU

EU-registered non-profit organization that works in partnership with Sankara Eye Care Institutions (SECI), India, towards eradicating curable blindness in India

Raises funds to support eyecare activities including construction of state of the art free eye hospitals and conducting free eye surgeries.

We initiate and drive community eye care activities in India by working with eye care organisations such as Sankara Eye Care Institutions (SECI) which runs hospitals all over India. The majority of our fundraising effort is achieved through fundraising events, booths in major events, advertising and working with major donors.


Sankara Eye Foundation Europe's primary objective is to provide relief to patients of Sankara Eye Hospitals in India, primarily through screening and detection of eye illnesses, advice and support for patients, their families and carers. Read More


Having established Sankara Eye Hospitals in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Union territory Dadra & Nagar Haveli, the next replications are scheduled to take place in Punjab , UP and Rajasthan. Read More


Sankara Eye Foundation Europe was born out of the drive of a handful of individuals based in London in 2005. The key shared vision is to support the excellent work being done by Sankara Eye Care Read More


Sankara has played an important role in community eye care over the past 2 decades. Milestones in the growth of the institution are given below. Read More


Board of Trustees
Sridhar Subramanian, Maitre Iyer, Shilpan Patel

Executive Council
Jayesh Patel, Bharath Balasubramaniam, Dr Ganesan Iyer, Ravikumar Buddha, Subramanian Iyer, Gurpreet Sanghera


Bankers - HSBC and State Bank of India

Marketing Partner - Di5 Limited

Photo and Video - Lav Media