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“Thank you for a short but most educative visit to this happy hospital. I hope it will be possible to establish closer links between the two hospitals with the purpose of enhancing training and experience in each institution.”
Dr. Malcom Kerr Muir


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Bhajan and Bhojan

Bhajan and Bhojan Music by Bhavik Haria and Friends Date: Sunday 4th December 2016 Venue: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan 4A Castletown Road, London W14 9HE Time: 6pm - 7pm Bhojan, 7pm - 9.30pm Bhajan

Bollywood Tunes

Bollywood Tunes Sunita Menon, the winner of the Welsh Asian Women's Achievement Award 2013, is presenting you the music of Bollywood. This show presents selected Bollywood songs from the past & present and also features some live western music. Come visit us on Saturday 1st March at Bramall Hall, University of Birmigham, B15 2TT at 6.30pm

Spartan Beast Race

Spartan Beast Race Josephine Koubek raised awareness and funds for our amazing institutions, by finishing the Spartan Beast Race and also the Trifecta - which means completing three major races within one season. The Spartan Sprint which is 7 KM & 15 obstacles , The Spartan SUPER which is 15km & 25 obstacles and the Spartan BEAST, which is 25km & 75 Obstacles.
BEAST race video


Saavan Mira Performing Arts organised their first student showcase a year ago, and was an extremely successful. This year celebrating 2 years into the school, the students will be performing once again, this time in a bigger venue at a larger scale. The show will be based on the theme of rain. Through different dance styles of Kathak, Bollywood, Contemporary, and jazz fusion, the different moods will be depicted through new ways each time. The students ranging from the ages of 4 to 60 will perform the style which they have been learning.

SECI Completes One Million Free Eye Surgeries

SECI Completes One Million Free Eye Surgeries Sankara Eye Care Institutions (SECI) India, has set a unique record in service by completing one million free eye surgeries recently. To recognize and celebrate this milestone in service, Sankara Eye Foundation Europe is delighted held a press meet on 06 June 2013 at one of the most prestigious venues of the United Kingdom, Churchill Dining Room, House of Commons, Westminster, London in the presence of Virendra Sharma, MP (Ealing Southall).

Diwali Charity Dinner

Diwali Charity Dinner The founder and Managing Trustee Dr Ramani and Dr Radha Ramani visited London and took part in the Diwali Charity Dinner held on Nov 4 at SunLounge, Alperton, HA0 4LU. Sunita Menon, an outstanding singer across all genre, also performed during the evening and made this event musical.

Atlas Mountain Trek

Atlas Mountain Trek Sankara Eye Foundation Europe (SEFE) organised a fundraising trek to climb Mount Toubkal in Marrakech, Morocco. Congratulations to all trekkers for the hard work and team spirit displayed during this trip. Our heartfelt thanks to all the trekkers who raised funds for Sankara Eye Foundation Europe.
Reports from: Anna Cookson; Jayanth Doshi

Ludhiana Inauguration

Ludhiana Inauguration With an emotional bond across the world and contributions from over 1,000 NRIs, Sankara Eye Care Institutions are pleased to announce the opening of their eleventh eye hospital in Punjab providing world-class eye care to the local people. With global funding, Punjab's biggest eye hospital is set up in Ludhiana with a "not-for-profit" structure, with state-of-the-art medical equipment, technology, expertise and medical practices and what a hospital it is.
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Ranjodh Singh

Ranjodh Singh An Evening with Ranjodh Singh, Patron of Sankara Eye Care Institutions, India - 14 May 2011 at Holiday Inn, Surbiton.
Ranjodh Singh is the MD of GS Radiators exporting products to Europe. He is a multifaceted personality, an ace photographer, a writer and publisher. Recently he has released a book titled JAPUJI SAHIB Prayer of the Soul, the proceeds of which is donated to Sankara Eye Hospital.

Tapayshya Bharatha Natyam

Tapayshya Bharatha Natyam Tapayshya Murali is a Solutions Engineer in Bloomberg and she is also a Bharatha Natyam Dancer. She conducted a solo Bharatha Natyam on 30th of April 2011 at Bhavan in London. The event was attended by around 100 to 125 visitors. The proceeds from this event were given to Sankara Eye Foundation - Europe.
Tapayshya in Bhavan's news
Tapayshya-Ilavenil Dance

Brighton Marathon

Brighton Marathon Teaser Video Dr Iyer had participated on behalf of Sankara Eye Foundation Europe in a marathon. This marathon will take place in Brighton and Sankara collected funds to provide support and care for the blind.
Photo Gallery
Marathon Photo
Dr Iyer with Sankara Team

Focus Punjab Charity Gala

Focus Punjab Charity Gala Focus punjab Charity Gala will be hosted on 20 November 2010 at Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow, London. This event hosts a variety of activities such as dancing, auctions and music programs. Visitors can enjoy meals, unlimited drinks and watch entertaining programs to be scheduled during the course of the day. The fee of each head is from £60 and these funds generated will be providing support to the hospital in Punjab.
Sponsor Pack (pdf, 4.8MB)
Corporate Brochure (pdf, 2.7MB)

Music Evening

Music Evening This musical evening is a special one where the Musical Melodies team of just 2 created an full size orchestra effect for the evening. There was an assortment of songs and lot of audience request was take care. Also we had showcased the success of the Himalyan trek in September 2009 with the highlights and video of the same. This was held at Kingsbury to raise funds for surgeries and towards capital equipments for the new hospital in the State of Punjab.

Expedition in the Himalayas

Expedition in the Himalayas A remarkable event was organised in 2009 where volunteers would experience climbing gigantic mountains and thus improving their skills and abilities at the same time raising funds from sponsors and donations for curing blindness in India. This trek involved climbing more than 12,500 feet and learning new skills for all volunteers.

Recycling Event

Recycling Event A recycling event was organised by Sankara at Zee Carnival to promote recycling and also generate funds from recycling materials to be used for building and developing hospitals in rural areas. This event involved recycling inkjet catridges and mobile phones. Sankara donated £1 for every recyclable catridge and £3 for every mobile phone.

Dance Drama

Dance Drama An indian dance drama was organised by Sankara as expert dancers and music producers stepped on the stage to perform their skills in front of a large audience. The ticket price funds were given as a donation to Sankara to help give sight to the poor and needy.

Volunteer's Appreciation

Volunteer's Appreciation At Sankara, we not only help but appreciate volunteers who have commited in working twoards Sankara's aim and as a thankyou to all volunteers who had climbed the Icy Heights of Kilimanjaro, Sankara organised a small get together. This was held in Mantra Restaurant, London. Sankara praised all the volunteers and gave information on how much they had raised and how important their volunteering service was.

Climb Icy Height To Give Sight

Climb Icy Height To Give Sight Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world and Africa's highest peak, rises from the plains of the Great Rigt Valley just three degrees south of the equator. Of the various routes to its permanently snow-capped summit, Machame is widely thought to be the most beautiful. The climb starts gradually through rain forest then skirts the main summit, ensuring that you get many different views of the summit and its neighbouring peaks. You make the final taxing ascent to Uhuru Peak (5895m) in the early morning to arrive for sunrise, before heading back down to celebrate your conquest and also helping the poor gain vision.

The Magic of Light touches Gujarat

The Magic of Light touches Gujarat A Charity Dinner & Dance with music and entertainment was held on 6th May 2006 at Blue Room Restaurant, Wembley. All individuals, philanthropic families, corporates, service organizations etc were invited to join hands in our endeavour to eradicate preventable and curable blindness from India by firming up this "Alliance for sight "
Dinner & Dance Invitation

Natiya Drishti

Natiya Drishti Sankara Eye Foundation organised a spectacular dance programme at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London to raise awareness of the Sankara Eye Society in India and to generate funds for its new hospital in Shimoa, India, so that the poor rural poplation in this region can also benefit from its community eye care programme and reain the wonderful gift of vision.

A lifetime to cherish

A lifetime to cherish Sankara organised another spectacular and a dancing event to remember. This event raised funds to provide for eye surgeries and also appreciate the donators and volunteers involved in this organisation. The dancing event hosted styles such as Bharatanatiyam - a south indian dancing style.